Friday, July 30, 2010

Time Machine to the Rescue

So there's a lot of negative talk out there about Time Machine and yes, I can agree to most of it. Time Machine, OS X's built-in backup program, is a little slim on the configuration options and fills up a hard drive pretty quickly with backups. There doesn't seem to be a lot of flexibility with the program. (If you know of other Mac-based backup solutions, please list them here.)

In the past few weeks however, Time Machine has actually saved me some trouble. A file that I was working with became corrupted or unusable. Then I remembered Time Machine and went into it. Every time I do, my kids' jaws drop as the desktop changes and the spaceship like interface takes over. I went back in history, grabbed an older version of the file and restored it to the desktop. I was then able to open the file and modify it. Of course, I had lost some development time, but being able to resurrect a file like that is really priceless.

So as much as there is negative talk out there, Time Machine really proved useful for me.



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